Korea's first music drama 'Wish you' global popularity is on the rise
Korea's first music drama 'Wish you' global popularity is on the rise
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[BBANGYA News | Reporter Mo Mo] The BL web drama 'Wish You: Your Melody from My Heart', launched by the content-specialized production and distribution brand 'Idol Romance', has been released to more than 200 countries around the world, showing a rise in popularity.

Korea's first music BL drama 'Wish You: Your Melody from My Heart'(Screenplay/director Sung Do-jun, co-produced Moving Pictures Company, Emotion Studio)' starring Kang In-soo from the idol group MYNAME and Lee Sang, who is active as an idol group IMFACT. In-soo whose music is everything in life after receiving a love call from the album agency and get to know Sang-i and begins to live with Sang-i. The story of singer-songwriter Kang In-soo (played by Kang In-soo) and keyboardist Yoon Sang-i (played by Lee Sang-i) struggling to achieve their dreams of music.

The web drama 'Wish You: Your Melody from My Heart' Idol Romance is on Friday, December 4th.

It was aired for the first time on both domestic-only mobile apps and worldwide platforms (Rakuten Viki, Japan Rakuten TV, Taiwan LINE TV, Idol Romance exclusive app, We TV, IFlix, etc.).

With the explosive reaction of domestic and foreign fans, the first successful Ceremony was ended with achievements such as No.1 in popularity in all genres of Rakuten and Vicky rating of 9.8.

Immediately after the airing, an online fan meeting to communicate with fans was held, and the first fan meeting was successfully completed on the 4th. In the fan meeting, the two protagonists watched the drama directly, introduced the episode at the time of filming, and had a great time answering fans' questions.

In addition, the OST of the drama 'Wish you Wish You: Your Melody from My Heart' was released around the world at 12 o'clock on Saturday, December 5th.



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