An actress who appeared in Game of Thrones couple was too stylish
An actress who appeared in Game of Thrones couple was too stylish
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[BBANGYA News | Reporter Mo Mo] It is a hot topic for many celebrities and couples because the coordination of a couple with Ruben Selby, who is dating actress Meiji Williams, who has become popular with the popular drama Game of Thrones, is stylish.

At the show of Paris Fashion Week Tom Brown, which is also the classic of Fashion Week Front Row, shows a style that matches each point of coordination with checkered tie socks. In Sakai's show, Meiji Williams, 155cm tall, with coordination with military-inspired details, was conscious of the sense of size and enjoyed a stylish couple's coordination, and you can see her sense of fashion.

While appealing enough of her charm, couple coordination with her boyfriend, and those who recently visited Monaco, coordinated black as an accent, and her delicate embroidered dress was an expression of luxury, and her mask also matched her outfit. The link coati unified in beige x black, which became a hot topic at the Christian Dior show, became an object of admiration for its luxurious style


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