Mermaid meets man and the beginning of love on the Seine river
Mermaid meets man and the beginning of love on the Seine river
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[BBANGYA News | Reporter Khaing] A trailer of the film Mermaid in Paris came out, which was released on February 11, 2021.

This work is a love story of a mermaid set in Paris. One night, Gaspar, who works as a performer at a long-established bar floating on the Seine river, finds a mermaid who was injured.

The mermaid Lula captured the man she met with a beautiful song and took the man's life in love. Lula tries to take Gaspar's life as well, but to Gaspar, who has given up his feelings of love through a broken heart in the past, he never heard the song of Lula. Lulara, the mermaid who took his life, and Gaspar, a good-hearted man who gave up his feelings of love, accidentally meets in Paris and falls in love.

Machias Marziu grabs a megaphone, and Nikola Dubosher in "Paroles Paroles" plays "The Man Who Has Been Loved" Gaspar, and Marilyn and Lima in "Blue Enthusiasm" as "Lula".

In the released trailer, starting from the scene where Gaspar works as a bar performance with the mermaid and Lula who had fallen down on the Seine river, the appearance of Lula and Gaspar being attracted to each other, as well as the appearance of Gaspar, who falls in love again. There are scenes that Lula is about to return to the sea, and Lula swims with Gaspard in a huge tank in an aquarium in Paris.

In addition, in the trailer, you can feel the world view of director Marjiu's stubbornness. In particular, around the bathtub that will be the place where Lula lives and is placed in the center of the Gaspar room, there are various small items including a rubber duck doll, and Gaspar discovers the fallen Lula. The streets of Paris such as the Seine river and the illuminated Eiffel Tower are also worth seeing.


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