Ji Chang-wook x Kim Ji-won 'Lovestruck in the city' first broadcast will be 22nd
Ji Chang-wook x Kim Ji-won 'Lovestruck in the city' first broadcast will be 22nd
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[BBANGYA News | Reporter Nang] Kakao TV's original drama 'Lovestruck in the city' (director Park Shin-woo) starring actors Ji Chang-wook and Kim Ji-won will be released for the first time on Tuesday, December 22 at 5 pm and SHINee Minho specially appears in the role of 'Oh Dong-sik' in 'Lovestruck in the city' as his first activity after discharge from military

'Lovestruck in the city' is the reality of youth living fiercely in a complex city.

It is a drama that is expected to provide a different fun by depicting romance and harmonizing the fast but never light love method with the colorful urban landscape.

Park Jae-won (played by Ji Chang-wook) is an architect, honest and passionate, a romanticist who knows how to love and a romanticist who loves urban alleys, and a hot man whose hobby is collecting. Disappearing ‘camera thief’ ‘Yun Sun-ah’ who stole Park Jae-won's camera and heart like a midsummer night's dream and he can't forget her.

Lee Eun-oh (played by Kim Ji-won) is the main character, Lee Eun-oh, and the sub-character is 'Yun Sun-ah', a free spirit full of ingenuity. She becomes a different person who left impulsively to a strange place and falls in love with Jae-won. The dynamic change between Eun-oh and Sun-a is an attractive point of view.

Dong-Sik Oh (played by Min-Ho) is a third-year police officer in charge of public security in Cheonggyecheon. He is kind and patient with everyone but he suffers from Park Jae-won (Ji Chang-wook) who visits the police station saying that he wants to find a camera thief when he is drunk.

'Lovestruck in the city' was scheduled for the first broadcast on December 8, but on November 24, as an extra actor was diagnosed Covid-19 and it was scheduled to be broadcast on Kakao TV at 5 pm on Tuesday, December 22. 

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