EXO Kai releases his first solo song 'Mmmh' after 8 years of debut
EXO Kai releases his first solo song 'Mmmh' after 8 years of debut
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[BBANGYA News | Reporter Mo Mo] Eight years after group EXO Kai debuted, he debuted as a solo singer by releasing his first solo album “KAI (开)”.

Kai's first solo album ‘KAI ()’ was released on November 30th at 6pm.

On this day, at 11 am, through live broadcast on YouTube, an online media conference was held to commemorate the release of group EXO Kai's first solo album, 'KAI', and shared his opinion about his solo. Kai said, ‘Exo’s Kai is good, but I want to engrave the name “Kai” and ended by greeting with Baekhyun of group EXO, the host of the meeting.

The title song 'Mmmh' of 'KAI ()' is an R&B pop song with a minimalist track and a simple yet addictive melody. It also includes a sensational performance called Kai's signature. It will appear in the poem 'Naver NOW Party Rain' and release the stage of the title song 'Mmmh' for the first time.

In addition, the album contains 6 songs with a variety of atmospheres in addition to the title song, which is expected to attract the great interest of music fans.



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