'Sing Again' LADIES' CODE Sojeong ~~ “Now I want to be a singer who smiles”
'Sing Again' LADIES' CODE Sojeong ~~ “Now I want to be a singer who smiles”
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[BBANGYA News | Reporter Khaing] LADIES' CODE Sojeong appeared on the JTBC entertainment program 'Sing Again' that aired on the evening of the 30th and received 'All Again'.

Sojeong, who is from the girl group LADIES' CODE, appeared on the stage as singer No. 11 and introduced herself as “Now I want to be a singer who smiles”.

She debuted as a 5-member group called LADIES' CODE, it showed the most prominence and growth potential among the girl groups that debuted in 2013, but suffered the tragedy of leaving members Rise and Eunbi in a car accident in September 2014. The remaining members returned to the trio in February 2016 after having overcome the hardships, but they disbanded due to the expiration of the exclusive contract last February.

Sojeong sang 'Fly high' of Im Jae-beom, and she said, "'I'm working hard. I want to convey my feelings to many people”. Sojeong received 'All Again' for her stable singing ability and emotional vocal charm.

On the 30th, the audience rating of 'Sing Again' was 7.8% based on Nielsen Korea and rose 2.2% from last week, ranking first in the same time zone and recording its own highest rating for 3 consecutive weeks.

In particular, the number of scenes in which the 29th singer 'Authentic Heavy Metal', who won the best minute, receives 'All Again' with the song 'Where Are You' by Lim Jae-beom rose to 9.5%.



Total 7 songs in the 3rd episode of 'Sing Again' are 'Fly High’ by singer No. 11, 'Piano Man' by singer No. 1, 'To you again' by singer No. 17, 'Where are you' by singer No. 29, 'Ribeca' by Singer No. 37, 'Even Memories' by Singer No. 40, and 'Make Up' by Singer No. 67 eleased as a 'Sing Again EP3' album at 12:00 noon on the 1st.



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