'Sing Again' exceeds 5% ratings • Unknown singer's 'One More Time' Chance
'Sing Again' exceeds 5% ratings • Unknown singer's 'One More Time' Chance
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[BBANGYA News | Reporter Khaing] JTBC's' 'Sing Again-Unknown Singer' has exceeded 5% of viewer ratings within second episode, showing the trend in entertainment.

'Sing Again' is JTBC's new entertainment starting on November 16, 2020., are in front of the public. This is a new concept reboot audition program that helps the singers who need an opportunity 'once more', such as a talented singer that the world has not yet recognized, and a singer who went well but now forgotten and makes to stand up on stage again.

JTBC's 'Sugar Man' production crew starts with a new project, trot and idol auditions are full of these days, and the audition 'Sing again-Unknown Singer' is trying to find that singer. Lee Seung-gi, who returned as a singer after 5 years, joined as MC, and people are looking forward to it. In addition, genius musician Yoo Hee-yeol will be the judge, national diva Lee Sun-hee, rock legend Jeon In-kwon, national lyricist Kim Ina, emotional baller Kyu-hyun, trustworthy vocalist Lee Hae-ri, performance queen Sun-mi, and all-around rapper Song Min-ho.

The second episode of 'Sing again', which aired on the 23rd, recorded 5.416% of the ratings based on pay TV nationwide. It is an increase of more than 2%P from the 3.165% of the first broadcast on the 16th, and it ranked first among all non-drama programs broadcast on the day.

In particular, singer No. 33, who appeared at the end of the second episode, sang “Love is always thirsty” and the viewer rating soared to 7.7%, becoming the best one-minute scene on the day. The results of Singer No. 33 will be released next week.

In addition, the songs released in episode 2 will be released through various sound source sites at 12 noon on the 24th. 'Sing again EP2' includes a total of 4 songs, including 'Honey' by singer No. 30,'thorn tree' by singer No. 45,'Solar System' by singer No. 56, and 'No one's by singer No. 63.

JTBC's'Sing again-Unknown Singer' is aired every Monday at 10:30 pm and is also broadcast on the Discovery Channel.






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