Actor Nam Gung-min, new drama "Day and Night" first broadcast on the 30th
Actor Nam Gung-min, new drama "Day and Night" first broadcast on the 30th
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[BBANGYA News | Reporter Nang] tvN's new Monday-Tuesday drama 'Day and Night' starring Nam Gung-min will be the first broadcast on November 30th at 9 pm.

‘'Day and Night' is a preliminary murder mystery drama that uncovers the secrets of a mysterious incident that took place in a village 28 years ago, which is related to the mysterious events that are currently taking place and Nam Gung-min, Seol-hyun, and Lee Cheong-ah will appear together and this received attention with it. 

Nam Gung-min played the role of “Do Jeong-woo”, the team leader of the Special team in Police. Do Jeong-woo is a character who has a mysterious secret behind his crooked posture with messy hair and carrying candy like a child.

Director Kim Jung-hyun of 'Day and Night' said about actor Nam Gung-min, “Nam Gung-min is an actor who can show virtual characters in dramas with his own charm. I think he is an actor who shows the most dramatic effect of bringing life from the script which is text.”

On the other hand, he mentioned about the new drama that he got a proposal, 'Black Sun' on MBC next year, which will invest more than 15 billion won.

In addition, the Korea acting award is coming after one month, Nam Gung-min will challenge as grand award for the first time with SBS Drama 'Stove League'.


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