Lim Yoon-ah, appeared as a new muse for 'ESTÉE LAUDER'
Lim Yoon-ah, appeared as a new muse for 'ESTÉE LAUDER'
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[BBANGYA News | Reporter Khaing] Girls' Generation's singer and actress Lim Yoon-ah's photos were released in the December magazine of Marie Claire.

In the photos released on the 18th, Lim Yoon-ah showed her beauty that does not give in to any makeup and angle, and the dignity of an ESTÉE LAUDER model.

With a natural wavy hairstyle, she showed off her perfect look with bright red lip makeup and calm nudie makeup.

Yoona said that she carefully selects products at the first stage of skincare, with the idea that the first cosmetics applied after cleansing determines the skin condition of the day.

On the other hand, Lim Yoon-ah will play the role of intern reporter Lee Ji-soo in the JTBC Friday-Saturday drama 'Hush,' which will be aired for the first time on December 11th, and will show the 'real' side of salary reporters.

Lim Yoon-ah, Marie Claire's December issue, and Marie Claire's website, which says, "I feel more relax as I turned 30" can be found on the website of Marie Claire.



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