GQ Person of the Year "Lee Dong Wook • IU • Henry • Crush" revealed the magazine photos
GQ Person of the Year "Lee Dong Wook • IU • Henry • Crush" revealed the magazine photos
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[BBANGYA News | Reporter Mo Mo] Lee Dong Wook, Rain, IU, Henry, Crush nominated as 'Person of the Year'.


GQ Korea selects the "2020 Man of the Year (Men of the Year) as Lee Dong Wook, Rain, IU, Henry, and Crush for the December magazine cover with on the 19th.

'Man of the Year' is a meaningful event that selects and announces people who showed the most attention and challenging and creative activities and it is being issued in Korea, the UK, the US, and Germany where GQ Magazine issued, during the year. Lee Dong-wook was selected as 'Man of the Year' for 3 consecutive years, continuing a challenging move through the drama ‘Tale of the nine tailed', which showed new genres and characters.

And Rain who proved irreplaceable presence in the entertainment content with stage and variety contents, IU who after the debuted and recognized by public achievement, with performance music with for 12 years, Henry who who made a comeback as a new album after six years and showed to "Begin Again Korea' and giving strength and instilling dreams to to a lot of people with music through YouTube content and the last, Crush, who made a meaningful attempt and musical innovation as an artist and released an album in collaboration with female musicians,  all of these people conducted an interview and a cover photo for the December magazine of GQ.

Lee Dong Wook, rain, IU, Henry, Crush photos and interviews can be seen more in "2020 Man of the Year" special edition of GQ December and GQ Korea Digital Account and photo shoot sketches and interview video via the website.




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