Kim Jaejoong's JTBC drama 'Private Life' OST ‘Things to Love' music video released!
Kim Jaejoong's JTBC drama 'Private Life' OST ‘Things to Love' music video released!
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[BBANGYA News | Reporter Nang] JTBC Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Private Life' released the music video of the OST 'Kim Jaejoong - Things to Love'.

'Private Life' is an exhilarating scam play drama in the era of sharing, stealing, and manipulating privacy, in which scammers use all their skills to uncover the national huge 'private life'.

Kim Jaejoong, who is still referred to as a legend in Asia as well as in Japan and China, recently announced his active activity again and joined as the last runner of the ‘Private Life’ OST, attracting the attention of fans.

“Things to Love,” released at 6 pm on October 28th, is a song that asks questions about the truth that we must not forget and face even in a world where we are deceived. In addition, the point of appreciation of this song can be said to be the harmony of the popular sound emphasizing the retro bass and the dramatic vocals of Kim Jaejoong that captivating ears.

The production crew said, “The music video of the Ju-Jeung couple that viewers have been hoping for since the ost source was released on November 18th. Like the lyrics of the song, the two people who value each other and love each other sincerely ask for a lot of attention until the end whether they will have a happy ending or not.”


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