“Run On” A romance of marathon to each other, Lim Si-Wan and Shin Se-kyung
“Run On” A romance of marathon to each other, Lim Si-Wan and Shin Se-kyung
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[BBANGYA News | Reporter Mo Mo] JTBC's new drama 'Run On' (wrote by Park Si-Hyun/ Director Lee Jae-Hoon) is a romance drama in which communication is difficult even though they speak the same language from different world, and having communication, relationship and ‘Run On’ to love.

'Ki Seon-gyeom' (Lim Si-wan), a men's short-distance athletics national team who runs fatally looking forward, lives in a world of running where the moment he looks back then loses. When going to the person you like, the step is always lighter. In any case, he rarely ran when he wasn't ready because his muscles could be injured. But after he sees Mijoo, he started running. He couldn't hide happiness while looking at the Miju standing in front of him while taking a full breath and then his smile was as bright as the sunlight from the clear sky.

Oh Mi-joo (Shin Se-kyung), a female translator of drama who has to look back inertia, lives in a world of translation that rewinds the same scene countless times. The innocent beauty that makes anyone want to come is dazzling. Even though she was a little surprised to see Seon-gyeom running at one step, the natural atmosphere with her hair blowing doubles her loveliness. Having only looked back when at the scenes in the movie, she started looking back in the real world. It is because of the man Seon-gyeom who keeps running to her. Now her “inertia” is pointing to Seon-gyeom.



', which will present a warm emotional romance in this winter, is expected to give viewers excitement. This drama produced by director Lee Jae-hoon of 'Detective of the Day' and 'Manager Kim', with new writer Park Si-hyun who works for the first mini-series. It will be aired for the first time at 9:30 pm on December 16, after JTBC's drama 'Private Life'.


##Run On


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