Gossip Girl reboot returns after 8 years
Gossip Girl reboot returns after 8 years
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  • 승인 2020.11.19 16:54
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[BBANGYA News | Reporter Nang] The drama GOSSIP Girl, which is loved by everyone and those who loved fashion and drama, will be rebooted after finishing Season 6 in 2012.

It was loved by viewers around the world with colorful and stylish fashion style and slightly stimulating stories, and it was a drama that informed the youth, love, friendship, jealousy, and envy of upper-class teenagers living in Manhattan's Upper East, New York, and informed the effect of SNS (social media).

It is scheduled to be released as a reboot drama containing the story of 8 years after the original series through the OTT service, HBO Max. Therefore, instead of the main actor, Blair (Mr. Rayton) and Selena (Blake Lively), a new teenage group will be appeared, focusing on how social media has changed and how society has changed through the new stories of private schools in New York.



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