'Idol Wonderland' teaser released
'Idol Wonderland' teaser released
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  • 승인 2020.11.16 17:31
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[BBANGYA News|Reporter Nang] The first teaser for the idol-specialized program “Idol Wonderland” has opened.

 'Idol Wonderland' is a talk show program created by Seezn and JTBC, produced by Studio Lulalala, which is in the form of a real time online fan meeting with an artist wearing a dress code that fans want in a space that reproduces such as amusement park.

KT's online video service 'Seezn' is providing 'Idol Wonderland' an original live show that fans and stars can communicate and Lee Ki-kwang of the group highlight and Chan of A.C.E will take charge of the MC to meet new guests every time.

Starting at 9 pm on the 18th, it will be released only through ‘Seezn’ app in Korea. Every Wednesday at 9pm, anyone can watch it for free if they log in regardless of the carrier. Teaser videos will be released every week through the season's official YouTube channel and Twitter.

In the teaser released on the 11th, A.C.E (Ace) Chan introduced the spectator points to fully enjoy the newly launched 'Idol Wonderland' by transforming into manager of this amusement park.

In addition, Seventeen will appear as the first guest of the idol special program “Idol Wonderland,” which will air at 9 pm on the 18th.


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