“The Watches” trailer released
“The Watches” trailer released
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[BBANGYA News|Reporter Mo Mo] The fantasy comedy film (The Witches) directed by Robert Jermekis and starring Anne Hathaway was initially scheduled to be released in theaters on October 9, but because of Covid-19, eventually gave up to release in the theater in October and it started streaming service on the 22nd through Warner Bros platform HBO MAX.
<“The Witches” Anne Hathaway as a Witch>

Anne Hathaway, who has played characters loved by the public, such as "The Devil Wears Prada" and "Alice in Wonderland", played the role of Grand Witch, the evilest captain witch in this movie, "The Witches", and she is evaluated by foreign critics as portrayed a more terrifying character than the original..

Director Robert Jermekis says "Her performance was great.", she enjoyed and played the evil part of the Grand Witch.

Witches disguised as humans torment the children, Grand witch is the leader of those witches.

In the trailer, there is Anne's fabulous look in a retro set up with a new pattern and a charming dress.

Also, there are scenes of witches gathering in a hotel with a classic atmosphere to decorate a secret scheme, various CG effects, a story of a boy who has turned into a mouse by the magic of the grand witch, and the struggling and magic of children who have turned into mice, Many of these fantasy stories and scenes have been made into movies that many adults and children can watch together.


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