Mon-Tue drama “Penthouse” Guaranteed the viewer rating with revenge stories
Mon-Tue drama “Penthouse” Guaranteed the viewer rating with revenge stories
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[BBANGYA News|Reporter Nang] SBS drama 'Penthouse' (played by Soon-ok Kim/ directed by Dongmin Joo/ produced by GreenBam Media) is about education and real estate war between 3 women, 100-floor penthouse‘s inaccessible 'Queen', 'Prima Donna' of the desire to swallow everything and 'Woman' struggling toward entering a high-class society.

After the first broadcast at 10:10 pm on the 26th of Oct, it presents a thrilling tension at every episode.

The episode on the evening of the 10th Nov, that story was about Shim Su-ryun (played by Lee Ji-ah) made the funeral of Joo Hye-in (played by Na So-ye), who had known as her own daughter with Min Seol-ah (Jo Su-min), who is actual daughter
According to the viewer rating research company Nielsen Korea, the 6th episode of 'Penthouse', which aired on November 10, recorded 10.3% and 14.5% of national ratings in Korea.

The 5th episode broadcasted on the 9th, the highest rating was 15.8%, the nationwide rating was 12.9% (part 2), and the metropolitan area audience rating was 14.2% (part 2) which is based on Nielsen Korea. The 2049 viewers rating, a major indicator of advertising officials, recorded 4.9% (Part-2).

Meanwhile, <Penthouse> is being criticized for its stimulating setting and sensational direction with youth group harassment, confinement, assault, infidelity, and even illegal shooting. In addition to this, the drama is overflowing with various stimulating settings and directions such as confinement, murder, torture, and affair. As the controversy continued, SBS announced that they would organize some episodes from the broadcast on the 4th to 'Rated R (viewers over 19 years old)'.




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