Crush, enters training center today (12th) with support from colleagues
Crush, enters training center today (12th) with support from colleagues
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[BBANGYA News|Reporter Nang] Singer Crush (28, real name Shin Hyo-seop) entered the recruitment training center on 12th Nov. and after receiving basic military training for six weeks, he will fulfill his national defense duties as a social service worker.
[Crush Instagram]

On 11th November, he posted “ㅂ2(means BYE in Korean)” and several photos on his SNS about the news of military admission. On that post, many fellow singers such as “Gray, Gaeko, and Lee Hi,” replied such as “Goodbye.” and “Take care of your health” as comments to support his duty.

He left a message through his fan site last month to inform the fans about the news of his duty in advance and saying, “There will be a time to separate with you for about two years,” and “It is so sad that thinking about being away from you for a while, so I made music that putting all my heart into it. He revealed his feelings before the enlistment, and released a new EP album 'with HER' on October 20th to soothe fans' a tangle of slight sadness and is receiving great love for his new song 'with HER'.



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