Lee Seung-gi returns as a singer in 5 years
Lee Seung-gi returns as a singer in 5 years
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] Lee Seung-gi, who has been focusing on actors and entertainers for a long time, returns as a singer.

Lee Seung-gi is scheduled to officially release his 7th album in December, and on November 15th,'The Obvious Man' composed by Yoon Jong-shin will be released in advance. In particular, the 'Forbidden Love' stage, which was shown on SBS TV's 'Master in the house' in July' exceeded 7 million views on YouTube and became a hot topic. The supporting comments for comeback become an opportunity to return in 5 years.

Hook Entertainment, Lee Seung-gi's agency, said, "After Lee Seung-gi’s 'Forbidden Love', he repeatedly struggled to respond to the requests of fans who sent love and enthusiastic supports, and decided to return as a singer." and they said, "As he is trying hard to deliver a complete song to fans, please support Lee Seung-gi's comeback. ".

In addition, they predicted, "With Yoon Jong-shin and famous producers will participate in the 7th album, providing new music that is totally different from the feeling of Lee Seung-gi,"

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