Facts You Should Know As A BLINK
Facts You Should Know As A BLINK
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Yulia Cho] Music videos like 'DDU-DU DDU-DU' and 'Kill This Love' that surpassed 6 billion views on YouTube prove that BLACKPINK is the leading group of K-pop industry. Here are some fun trivia any proud BLINK should know. 

#1 They could've been called 'MAGNUM' instead of 'BLACKPINK'.
According to BLACKPINK’s JiSoo, the group actually had a few other names that they could have ended up with. One of the names was PinkPunk. Another one was Baby Monster. We’re quite glad that YG Entertainment didn’t stick with this one either because while it’s quite cute, we’re not sure if it would work as a group name on the long run. Another name option was Magnum. JiSoo was surprised and worried to hear the names, and was 'thankful' when they debuted as BLACKPINK. 


#2 SM Entertainment wanted to scout JiSoo.
When JiSoo was stilla trainee at YG, She was approached by a person from SM Entertainment. This reminds us of the fact that when BLACKPINK just debuted, a lot of K-pop fans said JiSoo has the looks of 'Traditional SM beauties'. 

#3 The group has no leader.
BLACKPINK apprently doesn't have a leader. It's rock, paper and scissor they use to choose a spokesperson at awards. When asked the reason they don't have a leader the members answered that they don't feel the need.

#4 Rose wanted be a YouTuber.
Rose wanted to be a YouTuber, according to her interview with HIGHCUT. Although she loved music and K-pop, it wasn't until she got 1st place in YG audition in Australia that she thought of becoming a singer. 

#5 BLACKPINK actually originally had a five-member lineup.
The trainee in question is MiYeon of (G)-Idle. She was a trainee at YG but left the company and debuted as (G)-Idle.

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