Baekhyun → Lee Hi, ‘Youth Record’ OST 1st lineup released
Baekhyun → Lee Hi, ‘Youth Record’ OST 1st lineup released
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[BBANGYA News | Reporter Nang] The 1st OST lineup of tvN's new Monday and Tuesday drama "Youth Records" (director Ahn Gil-ho, script Ha Myung-hee) was released. In the OST Gachang lineup released, a number of “powerful singers” ​​who are strong on the music charts are receiving hot attention with their names.

From idol singers with big fandoms such as Baekhyun of 'Million Sellers' EXO, 'Solo Queen' Cheongha, 'All-around Entertainer' Seventeen, Wheein of Mamamoo of'OST Queen', and Jaehwan Kim of 'Branded Vocal' of 7 teams, including Emotional Lee Hi and Lovely Charming J-Revit, announced the participation.

In addition, he participated as a music director in a number of works such as dramas'Goblin','Mr.SunShine','Boyfriend','It's Okay to Not Be Okay','Crash Landing on Love' Since the director is in charge of the music, expectations for what other music will be presented in this 'Youth Record' are raising. Music director Nam Hye-seung is music that amplifies the immersion of the drama, and is receiving great love from not only the viewers of the drama, but also the listeners with sophisticated music, and is planning to show songs that match perfectly with the play in 'Youth Records'.

'Youth Record' is a drama that contains the growth records of youth who are striving to achieve their dreams and love without despair against reality. The youth of this age, where even dreaming has become a luxury, and the hot records of youth who go straight toward their dreams in their own way, are expected to give viewers excitement and empathy.

In particular, director Ahn Gil-ho, who showed the power of elaborate and delicate direction through 'The Forest of Secrets','Memories of the Alhambra', and 'WATCHER', and 'Doctors' and 'Temperature of Love', are realistic in warm and emotional stories. Writer Ha Myung-hee, who melts the gaze, is expected to show a high-quality drama by working together.

In addition, the famous drama Fan Entertainment, which has shown numerous hits for a long time, such as “Winter Sonata,” “The Moon Embracing the Sun,” “Sam, My Way,” and “When Camellia Blooms Bloom,” known for well-made drama.

TVN 'Youth Records', which has emerged as the most anticipated work of the second half of this year, will be broadcast for the first time at 9 pm on the 7th with the news of the appearance of famous actors including Bogum Park, Sodam Park, and Wooseok Byun, who represent youth, and Ha Hee-ra and Shin Ae-ra with unrivaled presence.

'Go', sung by Seungkwan of SEVENTEEN, who started as the first OST runner of 'Youth Record', will be released on the 7th at 6 pm.


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