NBA legend Stephen Curry tweeted Chenle of NCT, "Game?"
NBA legend Stephen Curry tweeted Chenle of NCT, "Game?"
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Yulia Cho] Today is definitely ‘THE DAY’ for Chenle of NCT!

On August 6, Chenle tweeted “I want to meet Stephen Curry ASAP. See you again soon” along with photos of him wearing Golden State Warriors uniform that bears number 30 at the back. Chenle is one of the most passionate basketball and Stephen Curry fans among K-pop idols. He does everything a very devoted fan does; he celebrates Stephen Curry’s birthday on official social media, collects Stephen Curry’s uniform, hoodies and T-shirts and always shows his love for the legendary basketball player whenever he had chance during interviews. On several occasions Chenle called Stephen ‘champion’ or ‘idol’, and even told a fan in a fan meet event to check out his game on February 26, 2016.

On August 7, no one other than Stephen Curry himself left a comment on Chenle’s tweet, saying “Once the world gets back to normal, let’s make it happen! @warriors game?” As this is the first time Stephen Curry ever revealed that he is aware of Chenle’s interest in him, NCT fans are so excited for the main vocalist of NCT.

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