JBJ95 to present retro-themed performance in 'RETRO:95'
JBJ95 to present retro-themed performance in 'RETRO:95'
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Jisoo Lee] JBJ95 will meet their fans worldwide through their first online fan meeting ‘RETRO:95’ on August 8 and 9.

The fan meeting the duo is holding in 14 months following their first Asian fan meeting ‘AWAKE’ is consist of two versions, Korea(August 8) and Japan(August 9). The setlists for both days are different, much to fans delight. As the title says, the fan meeting is a shoutout to legendary artists and art works in the past. Sanggyun and Kenta will cover songs released by some of the most iconic K-pop, pop and J-pop artists, reinterpret impressive scenes from old movies and play classic games. Also, Kenta will reveal his first solo single released on August 7 for the very first time.

JBJ95 will make best use of online platform during the fan meeting to communicate with fans, answering and reacting to the fans’ messages they get via chat window on the streaming page.

‘RETRO:95’ will air worldwide from 5PM(KST) through BBANGYA TV Live. VOD is available to those who have purchased the ticket.


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