Lee Hi explained why she joined AOMG
Lee Hi explained why she joined AOMG
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Jisoo Lee] The singer of mega hit 'Holo' explained why she joined AOMG on July 24 episode of 1theK’s YouTube show ‘Look Me Up’.

She said that DJ Pumpkin, CEO of AOMG was the first person who contacted her after her exclusive contract with YG terminated.

According to her, many other agencies proposed meeting with her as well. But after the news of her contacting other companies released DJ Pumpkin hurriedly called her again, saying that a verbal promise is still a promise.

As she has always thought that she has to sign with an agency that needs her most, she signed with AOMG a week later.

She also mentioned that although a lot of people believe that she joined AOMG to pursue Hip-hop R&B music, that is not exactly the case.

In the episode, she also showed gratitude the former agency by saying that she got a lot of support as a new artist, both in terms of promotion and production. 

Lee Hi released ‘Holo’ on July 23 which marks her first work since she joined AOMG. The song was ranked at no.1 on various Korean music charts.

Check out the full video below;

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