ZICO spent most of early childhood in the ER, according to his mother
ZICO spent most of early childhood in the ER, according to his mother
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Joan Park] A heartfelt article posted by ZICO’s mother in the past stating illnesses the artist suffered as a child is gaining attention.

In the article, she described ZICO as “a little general who survived cardiac surgery, asthma and hernia” and how she prayed the night before the surgery, hoping his safe recovery. Also in 2012, she replied a fan’s message who thanked her for giving birth to ZICO, saying “he was born with a weak heart, asthma and bronchiolitis so he spent most of his time as a baby in the ER of a general hospital.”

ZICO revealed on July 21 that he will enlist as public service worker on July 30. Under current Korean military law, a person who gets fourth grade in the physical examination should enlist as public service worker. People who are diagnosed with severe chronic diseases such as rheumatismus, diabetes, hypopituitarism, congenital heart disease get fourth grade. ZICO who has medical history of two cardiac surgeries got fourth grade, regardless of his current health status.

ZICO will be the fourth member enlisting from BLOCK B, following Taeil, B-Bomb and Yookwon.


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