RBW will launch 'Post MAMAMOO' PURPLEK!SS soon
RBW will launch 'Post MAMAMOO' PURPLEK!SS soon
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Joan Park] RBW, MAMAMOO’s agency will launch PURPLE KISS(stylized as PURPLE K!SS) in the later half of 2020. They are the first girl act RBW is launching in 6 years, after MAMAMOO.

The agency revealed a brief debut intro video of the group on official social media today. The video features the photo of seven members along with the group’s logo.

The fans are particularly happy for the debut of two members, Na Goeun and Park Jieun. Known as long-time RBW trainees, they rose to fame when they joined in Mnet’s program ‘PRODUCE 48’ in 2018 but failed to make it to the final list.

One of the members, Lee Chaeyoung, was also famous even after her debut as an ‘ex-YG trainee’. She signed with YG as a trainee after performing in ‘K-POP STAR 3’, but left the company to join RBW.

The members also made surprise appearance in ONEWE’s music video of ‘End of Spring’ as backup dancers prior to debut.

The debut date or the title of debut song hasn’t been announced yet. The agency will reveal teaser videos and images at a later date.


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