Baskin Robbins 'threatens' ARMYs to press charge for sharing BTS' new commercial ad image
Baskin Robbins 'threatens' ARMYs to press charge for sharing BTS' new commercial ad image
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Joan Park] Baskin Robbins Korea is facing severe backlash for posting ‘threatening’ announcement to ARMYs.

Baskin Robbins Korea announced its collaboration with BTS early this month on campaign video, photos and collaborative merchandises.

However, the photos of new collaborative merch as well as the image of ‘BTS edition’ cake got leaked on online communities yesterday. The company reacted to leakage by releasing a statement via official social media that “the photos and videos which got leaked are just sketches” and that they will "make those who have spread the photo or video hold legal responsibility”.

ARMY(BTS’ fanbase) who were enraged by the company’s rather intimidating and reprimanding choice of words shared the company’s statement rather than the photos, demanding a proper apology. A fan said “we are not the ones who leaked the assets in the first place; why should we be legally responsible?” while another said “we are consumers before we are ARMYs. Is this how you treat your consumers?” The statement is deleted from official social media accounts now.

Under current Korean law, a person who illegally acquired and leaked a company’s information or assets can be charged for theft. However, there is no case that involves charge for sharing a commercial campaign video of a company.

Below is Baskin Robbins’ official statement:

To those who are looking forward to the collaboration between BTS and Baskin Robbins, the campaign video that got leaked on social media is not the final version. The video is still in the process of editing. Anyone who shares the video can be held legally responsible. Please do not share or spread (unedited versions) until the official video is aired.

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