Producer MZMC may have prohibited SM from using his songs, and here's an evidence
Producer MZMC may have prohibited SM from using his songs, and here's an evidence
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Jisoo Lee] We may never get to watch performance of ‘We Go Up’, ‘Cherry Bomb’ by NCT or ‘Love Shot’ by EXO on VOD or online concert again.

MZMC, an American producer behind various hits such as Taeyeon’s ‘Fine’, EXO’s ‘Tempo’ got in a copyright war with SM Entertainment in March. While the issue eventually seemed to die down, a new fire is about to spark as MZMC recently spoke about the difference between sync right and master right on an Instagram live. While SM Entertainment paid producers for the master right of the songs, sync right that protects right to use the songs in secondary production such as VOD, videos and DVDs remains with the producer. In the Instagram Live MZMC called out the company, saying "SM does not pay well. They are one of the worst paying sync companies I have ever experienced." And as the producer and writer of the songs, MZMC can prohibit SM artists from using his song in the commercial productions, starting from Beyond Live VOD performed by NCT scheduled to drop soon.

While some fans see this issue as plagiarism scandal of ‘Love Shot’ gone bad, both SM Entertainment and MZMC haven’t given out any official update regarding the issue. However, NCT’s recent release of tour DVD NCT DREAM SHOW states that the DVD will not include ‘We Go Up’, ‘Best Friend’ and ‘Candle Light’ performance footage as they are edited due to copyright issue. Shall we never get to watch Red Velvet’s ‘RBB’, EXO’s ‘Ko Ko Bop’ and a lot more songs produced by MZMC?



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