This is how fans worldwide reacted to Irene&Seulgi's 'Monster' music video delay
This is how fans worldwide reacted to Irene&Seulgi's 'Monster' music video delay
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Joan Park] It seems that SM Entertainment’s notorious delay of music video release is more famous than the artists from the agency.

Red Velvet’s first subunit Irene&Seulgi released the music video of ‘Monster’ at 12PM(KST) at July 7, 18 hours later than the scheduled release time. In the teaser image the agency announced via official social media, the music video was scheduled for release at 8PM on July 6. However on June 6, it deleted the original image and uploaded edited version again which didn’t have the release time. Angry fans reacted by listing a series of SM artists and their music videos that weren’t released on time. From Super Junior’s ‘A-Cha’ music video in 2011 that was uploaded seven days after the release of the song to Irene&Seulgi’s latest single, more than 20 music videos haven’t abided by the original schedule. In 2019 alone, 5 music videos including BoA’s ‘Feedback’(2 hours and 30 minutes), Taeyeonb’s ‘Spark’(2 hours), ‘NCT’s ‘Superhuman’(18 hours), U-Know’s ‘Follow’(2 hours) and Super Junior’s ‘I Think I’(5 hours) were not uploaded on the announced release time. In 2020, WayV’s ‘Turn Back Time’ music video release got delayed for 7 hours.

온라인 커뮤니티 Reddit 캡쳐
온라인 커뮤니티 Reddit 캡쳐

Irene&Seulgi’s ‘Monster’ was originally scheduled for June 15 debut but got delayed to July 6 due to “additional production for perfection in terms of music”, so the fans’ anger is greater than ever. On online communities, Korean fans are pointing out that “a mistake repeated more than twice is not a mistake” and that “this kind of mistake is made nowhere but SM Entertainment” while international fans sneer at the incident, saying “It wouldn't be an SM group if they haven’t got an MV delay at least once in their career” and “Well it's actually considered SM standards”.

'Monster' is currently ranked at no.1 on iTune's 'Top Songs' chart in 50 countries.

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