BTS beat Adele on iTunes' most #1s worldwide record
BTS beat Adele on iTunes' most #1s worldwide record
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Joan Park] BTS’ song ‘Black Swan’ beat Adele’s ‘Hello’ on iTunes chart’s ‘The most iTunes #1s worldwide’ record. 

‘Hello’, a song by Adele released in 2015, previously held the all-time record of the song with the most iTunes #1s worldwide with #1s in a total of 102 countries.

But as ‘Black Swan’ from ‘Map of the Soul : 7’ released this March ranks at #1 on iTunes Top Songs chart in 103 countries(and counting), Adele falls to #2.

By far, only Adele and BTS reportedly have won iTunes chart in over 100 countries. However, V of BTS may be included in the list soon as his solo ‘Sweet Night’ has topped iTunes chart in 96 countries. 


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