BLACKPINK and Ariana Grande's collab is coming, according to a DJ
BLACKPINK and Ariana Grande's collab is coming, according to a DJ
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Joan Park] Will Ariana Grande collab with BLACKPINK? According to Mike Adam, a DJ based in New York, the answer is a big YES.

Mike said on Twitter on June 13, “Tommy Brown recently talked about working with both #ArianaGrande and #BLACKPINK on unreleased music... "We have some incredible records with both acts.” Think a collab between the ladies could be on the way?!”


Tommy Brown is a well-known composer and producer who produced every album Ariana Grande has released, from ‘Yours Truly’ in 2013 to 2019’s ‘Thank You, Next’. The producer is also known to be a very close friend of Ariana’s.

BLACKPINK showed their love for the pop artist many times by covering or recommending her songs since their debut.

However, it wasn’t until last year the two acts met at Coachella and became close friends; BLACKPINK members were seen with Ariana’s ‘NASA’ mask on their faces in the festival. The photo the acts took together also created quite a buzz on the internet.

Ariana once left a comment ‘love you’ in Rose’s Instagram post thanking Ariana for Cloud perfume Rose got from her. Also, when a fan asked whether she plans to collab with BLACKPINK, she said “Yes, but I would probably pass out.”

BLACKPINK will drop two singles in June and August, followed by the first studio album in September. Ariana Grande recently featured on ‘Rain On Me’, a song by Lady Gaga.

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