5 fantastic K-pop bops we didn't know were remakes and the original tracks
5 fantastic K-pop bops we didn't know were remakes and the original tracks
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Joan Park] Cover and remake of classics is a timeless way for musicians to pay tribute to great artists. Many idols' iconic songs often turn out to be up-to-date versions of classics, reflecting trend of the era. Here are five most famous idols in Korean music scene and songs they sampled or remade, along with original tracks.


BTS ‘Coffee’

The track for BTS’s first EP 'O!RUL8,2?’ used the chorus from Urban Zacapa’s 2011 hit ‘Coffee’. Unlike the original song, most of BTS’ version is filled with rap.




F(x) ‘Hot Summer’

F(x)’s hit loved every summer is actually a remake version of Monrose’s single released by german girl group Monrose in 2007. A lot of f(x)’s hits are originally pop songs; ‘Pinocchio’ sampled ‘Razor’ by Kristine Elezaj and ‘Mr Boogie’ is a fresh take on Nadine‘s ‘I Can Have You’.





A track off BIGBANG’s 2008 release ‘No.1’ is a remake of the same track hip-hop duo Black Machine dropped in 1992. BIGBANG is known to be the Korean group to sample and remake lots of other artists’ hits. ‘This Love’ sampled Marron 5’s song of the same name, ‘But I Love You’ sampled ‘Rhu’ by Redd Hot Unlimited, while ‘Crazy Dog’ and ‘Sunset Glow’ are new takes on ‘You in the Fantasy’ by Seo Taeji and ‘Red Sunset’ by Lee Munsae.




SHINee ‘Hello’

Danish singer Mohamed Ali's 'Holla!' was reborn with Korean lyrics by SHINee in 2012. Surprisingly, Korean version of the lyrics is quite similar to the original English one.





TXT ‘Fairy of Shampoo’

TXT added their own touch to the all-time hit of Light & Salt’s 1990 release ‘Fairy of Shampoo’. Yeonjun, one of the members, reportedly participated in the songwriting process.


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