"Reference is not plagiarism" the director of TWICE's 'MORE and MORE' responded to controversy
"Reference is not plagiarism" the director of TWICE's 'MORE and MORE' responded to controversy
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'PULSE PORTAL' @davismccarty
'PULSE PORTAL' @davismccarty

[BBANGYA NEWS|Joan Park] Kim Youngjo, the director of NAIVE who directed TWICE’s ‘More and More’ music video, opened up about copyright infringement controversy.

In an interview with a media outlet he said, "It's true that I referred to Davis McCarty's work. His work was one of many artworks we referred to before we design the stage. But we did not plagiarize his work per se.”

트와이스 '모어 앤 모어'
트와이스 '모어 앤 모어'

He continued, "There were some modifications made on site during the music video production process. The shooting site was outdoors and it was very windy that day. As a result, the set came out to be quite similar to McCarty’s work.” McCarty, who is known as the original artist behind the sculpture design featured in the music video, tweeted "TWICE stole my design" on Twitter after TWICE's music video was released. About the tweet Kim said “I sent an email to understand his intentions. I’m still waiting for his reply." However, Director Kim said that TWICE's music video belongs to the domain of reference and not plagiarism; he confirmed that there will be no change made to the original music video.

Some of TWICE's fans responded to Kim's response by saying, "If you don't mark it as referenced, it's plagiarism." Some fans demanded the studio reveal the original design of the set, before it went through any modification.

Meanwhile, TWICE released a music video of the new song 'More and More' on June 1. The video faced severe backlash as it turned out that the stage looked very identical to a work of an American artist Davis McCarty's ‘PULSE PORTAL’, the winner of Gold prize at A' Design Award and Competition in 2017. After the music video was released, McCarty also tweeted, "Korea's most famous K-pop band TWICE stole the design’. The tweet has been deleted.

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