Six K-POP idols who are known to be huge game lovers
Six K-POP idols who are known to be huge game lovers
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Joan Park] Just like any of us, idols love playing games; some love it so much that they find time to play games in their crazy busy schedule. Whether it’s mobile or computer, K-POP idols who love playing games are also as skilled as world famous professional gamers. Here are six K-POP idols who are known to be big fans of game and the games they play.


Most of the BTS members love playing games; V invited fans to a private server of Unknown Player’s BATTLEGROUNDS(UPBG) to play with him while SUGA said in a radio show that he’s into League of Legends(LOL). RM once confessed that he played a game 14 hours a day when he was a trainee. Jungkook posted video of him playing Overwatch on official Twitter several times. But the most well-known game lover of the group may probably be Jin. A huge fan of Maple Story, Jin has been playing the game for 15 years and is at over level 250. In the 4th season of ‘Bon Voyage’, when asked what he did during vacation Jin answered that he played game for 12 hours a day, 5 days straight.


Jisoo loves playing games, both mobile and computer. When asked what her hobby is during an interview, she instantly said “playing games”. Games she was spotted playing include PUBG, Cookie Run, Pocketmon GO and Overwatch. According to Rose, Jisoo “brought PC room into her room” to play games. Every so often she recommends her favorite games to fans and vice versa. The game she is into lately along with other members is Animal Crossing by Nintendo.


Baekhyun’s go-to game is LOL and UPBG. He even appeared on SM Super Idol League broadcasts, in which they team up against PUBG. When Baekhyun tweeted “Is there anyone good at PUBG?”, famous pro-gamers such as Faker, E-SPORTS, Team Griffin responded to his tweet, creating quite a buzz.


He loves playing game so much that he logs in to game site right after he wakes up. He’s also the leader of ‘We Are the Best Idol’, a group of idols who love playing games. Members of the group are Youngjae(BAP), Ken(VIXX), VINI, Park Jihoon and Jin(BTS).


Playing games is reportedly Jihoon’s only hobby. He said that the first thing he packs when he has to be away from home for more than one day is his laptop so that he can play games. His favorite games are LOL and PUBG; he won in the pre-season game of solo PUBG tournament in ‘2020 Idol Star Athletics Championship’. Jihoon’s gaming mate Eunkwang(BTOB) said that Jihoon is particularly good at supporting other payers.


Sakura, another well-known gamer lover, has been uploading her gaming footages on her personal YouTube channel long before she joined IZ*ONE. She never hesitates to spend money when it comes to playing game; chair, monitor, mouse pad she uses are all specialized for gaming.

The games she enjoyed are Fortnite, Splatoon 2, UNDERTALE and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. On the latest video she played Apex Legends, a new game by Electronic Arts.

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