Top 4 K-POP girl groups who are gearing up for June comeback
Top 4 K-POP girl groups who are gearing up for June comeback
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Jisoo Lee] Four of the best K-POP girl groups are gearing up for June comeback. From BLACKPINK to IZ*ONE, all the names on the list are the ones fans have been expecting for so long.

TWICE will drop ‘MORE & MORE’, their 9th EP following last year’s EP ‘Feel Special’ on June 1. The title track ‘MORE & MORE’ is a love song dubbed with tropical house rhythm. Producer-and-CEO Park Jinyoung wrote the song in collaboration with song singer-songwriter BIBI. Other songs that demand ONCEs attention are ‘MAKE ME GO’ and ‘SWEET SUMMER DAY’; Nayeon wrote all the lyrics for ‘MAKE ME GO’ while Jungyeon and Chaeyoung wrote lyrics and rap for ‘SWEET SUMMER DAY’.

IZ*ONE will release the third EP on June 15. From ‘La Vie En Rose’ to ‘FIESTA’, all the songs the group released were widely loved by fans. Their first album ‘BLOOM*IZ’ is the best-selling album by a K-POP girl group in a week, with sales of over 350,000 copies in the first week alone.

SM Entertainment’s only (active) girl group, Red Velvet will debut a sub-unit consist of Seulgi and Irene. Although the duo performed together as trainees, SM Rookies, it’s the first time the duo actually makes official debut. The comeback date hasn’t been confirmed, but the sub-unit reportedly have finished filming a music video.

The last girl group whose comeback was much awaited is no other than BLACKPINK. YG’s crown jewels will drop the first single in June, second single in July or August and release the first studio album with over 10 new tracks. YG Entertainment confirmed that the members have finished recording the song and shooting music video. BLACKPINK collaborated with Lady Gaga on ‘Sour Candy’, one of the tracks from her new album ‘CHROMATICA’ scheduled for release on May 29.


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