Park Jinyoung to write and arrange TWICE's title track, yet again
Park Jinyoung to write and arrange TWICE's title track, yet again
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Chalie Park] TWICE revealed the tracklist of their upcoming 9th EP ‘More & More’ with a very familiar name on the credits section. Park Jinyoung, CEO and producer of JYP Entertainment has once again wrote and arranged TWICE’s title track! He wrote and produced some of TWICE’s most iconic songs including ‘What is Love?’, ‘SIGNAL’ and ‘Feel Special’. And this time he teamed up with BIBI, a singer-songwriter who featured rap in Park Jinyoung’s newest single ‘FEVER’.

The credits list is straight up star-studded. Grammy Awards winner MNEK, singer-and-composer Julia Michaels, Justin Tranter and Zara Larsson, Sean Michael Alexander who created ‘Heart Shaker’ and JQ who wrote lyrics for EXO’s ‘Tempo’ all joined forces in the new EP.

The members of TWICE have also took part in the album making process. Nayeon wrote all the lyrics for ‘MAKE ME GO’ while Jungyeon and Chaeyoung wrote lyrics and rap respectively on the track ‘SWEET SUMMER DAY’.

TWICE’s 9th EP ‘More & More’ will feature seven songs including the title track ‘More & More’, ‘OXYGEN’, ‘FIREWORK’, ‘MAKE ME GO’, ‘SHADOW’, ‘DON’T CALL ME AGAIN’ and ‘SWEET SUMMER DAY’. Although the EP is released on June 1, it’s available for pre-order on online album sites.


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