New Jeans and Melon Monthly Charts ranked 1st to 3rd
New Jeans and Melon Monthly Charts ranked 1st to 3rd
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Kim] The agency Adore announced on the 2nd that the girl group New Jeans swept the first to third places on the monthly chart for January of the new year of Melon, the largest music platform in Korea.



NewJeans' first single 'OMG' b-side song 'Ditto' and the title song 'OMG' of the same name took 1st and 2nd place respectively on Melon's monthly chart in January. In addition, the debut song 'Hype boy', which gained sensational popularity last year as the dance became very popular, came in 3rd place.

On the Melon chart, where it is said that it is not easy to put even one song in the top 100 chart, it is considered exceptional that a new girl group swept the 1st to 3rd place in the monthly rankings.

Meanwhile, according to the latest chart released by Billboard (February 4), New Jeans' first single album title song 'OMG' ranked 79th on the main single chart Hot 100, up 12 places from the previous week. This is New Jeans' highest ranking on the Hot 100. ‘Ditto’, a pre-release song from the single album ‘OMG’, ranked 89th on the latest Hot 100 chart and succeeded in charting for 3 consecutive weeks.

The US Daily Top Song Chart (as of January 31) announced by Spotify, the world's largest music streaming company, also continues to rise. The title song ‘OMG’ was ranked 28th, up 3 places compared to the previous day, renewing its own highest ranking, and ‘Ditto’ was also ranked 34th, up 4 places from the previous day, showing the popularity of New Jeans in the US.

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