Joo Woo-jae → Jooheon, 'Bam Bam Social Club' premiered on the 10th
Joo Woo-jae → Jooheon, 'Bam Bam Social Club' premiered on the 10th
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Choi ] The cast of ''Bam Bam Social Club'' with a novel combination was revealed.

On the 1st, Antenna Plus released a teaser video on the official YouTube channel of ''Bam Bam Social Club'' with 6 characters of 6 people and an exciting curriculum. In the video, Jooheon (Monsta X), a member of 'Pumpbang Social Club', made a logo song himself, along with Joo Woojae, Lee Yongju, Aiki, Park Semi, and The Boyz's Sunwoo making a toast in a friendly atmosphere.

In particular, Joo Woo-jae, who is attracting attention for his excellent sense of entertainment and cool talk, showed off his unique charm by asking the 'cider question', "What is your intention? In addition to this, Lee Yong-joo, who leads a pleasant atmosphere as a 'trendy comedian', Aiki and Park Se-mi, who showed off their Joo-dang aspects with a cool yet sloppy appearance, and Jooheon and Seon-woo, who are full of enthusiasm and ambition, raised expectations by predicting a unique character heat battle.

'Bam Bam Social Club' is a game and entertainment content newly introduced by Antenna Plus's YouTube channel 'Tteottteun', which was opened with the motto 'Let's make small but fun things freely'. As a social gathering made to revive the forgotten drinking games in the Corona era, the cast members of ''Bam Bam Social Club'' plan to deliver a wealth of attractions by enjoying classic random games and the latest popular MZ games while enjoying alcohol. While the fresh combination that has never been seen anywhere attracts attention, they plan to present a fantastic chemistry with a non-resting Tiki-Taka and a contro that calls for over-immersion.

On the other hand, the first episode of the new game and entertainment content ''Bam Bam Social Club'' of the YouTube channel 'Tteuntteun' will be released at 10:00 pm on the 10th. The detailed schedule can be found on the YouTube channel 'Tteottteun' community and social media.

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