Choi Jeong-won "I will reveal the truth"
Choi Jeong-won "I will reveal the truth"
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter MoMo ] Choi Jeong-won, from the UN, reiterated his position regarding the controversy over his private life.



On the 1st, the Hankook Ilbo published an interview with Choi Jeong-won and Mr. A, who was suspected of having an affair. Previously, Mr. A’s husband, Mr. B, claimed through the YouTube channel ‘President Lee Jin-ho behind Entertainment’ that Choi Jeong-won was in a former relationship with Mr. A and intentionally contacted her even though he knew that she was married.

Mr. A said, “I have never been in a relationship with Choi Jeong-won.”
His parents and older sister also knew Choi Jeong-won from before.”

He also said that he had only met Choi Jeong-won three times, drank wine once at the Han River, and rode a kickboard to Choi Jeong-won's house to use the bathroom, but immediately took a taxi and headed home. A total of 8 calls were recorded, claiming that the contents were mainly about bicycles.

The memorandum stating that Choi Jeong-won is a man she met before and that she had a private meeting that she hid from her husband was also not true. Mr. A said that he had written an untrue memorandum because of his husband's coercion, and said that the memorandum was written as her husband ordered.

In addition, on September 2 last year, he reported his husband B for domestic violence, and on December 12 last year, the police reported the case to the prosecution with the opinion of prosecution. “Another thing I want to say is that my family has never lived in Signiel, and we do not own several supercars. We will deal with the rest of the matter legally.”

Suspicions of Choi Jeong-won's affair first surfaced last month. Mr. B said through 'Lee Jin-ho, the back of entertainment', "A famous celebrity who was a top star and an idol in the past called (to his wife) saying 'I miss you' and 'see you often' and called me every day and took me to his house." They also approached intentionally and met periodically. I was so shocked, and because of this, the whole family broke up,” said Mr. A, revealing a memorandum acknowledging this.

However, Choi Jung-won denied that his affair was not true. On the 10th of last month, the day after the controversy, he posted on his social media, “I wasn’t even a former lover, and I was a younger brother in the neighborhood who had known each other closely with my family since I was young. However, we mainly had daily safety conversations, such as talking about family, work, and children, and there was absolutely no unsavory thing like the content of the article.”

Choi Jeong-won, who debuted as a male duo UN in 2000, was loved for a number of hit songs such as 'Gift', 'Wave', and 'My Love, My Bride'. Since 2005, he has been active as an actor, appearing in dramas such as ‘Senior, don’t put on that lipstick’, ‘Vogue Mom’, ‘Shine Eun-soo’, and ‘Throbbing Alert’.

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