STAYC, comeback in February...
STAYC, comeback in February...
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Kim] Group STAYC has released a new album spoiler ahead of their comeback in February.

 On the 30th, STAYC released a video titled 'Teddy Bear' through their official YouTube channel.
The released video shows children of various nationalities all over the world listening to STAYC's new song and showing honest and pure reactions.
The children hinted at the concept of STAYC's new album by showing various reactions, such as humming a melody with the key lyrics of "teddy bear" or hugging a teddy bear doll and moving their bodies excitedly.

While it is not yet clear whether ‘Teddy Bear’ is the name of the new album or the title song of the new song, attention is focusing on what new look STAYC will come back with.

The agency announced, "As STAY C releases a new album 7 months after the release of the third single album 'We Need Love' in July of last year, you will be able to see a more upgraded image musically."

Meanwhile, the STAYC comeback schedule will be released sequentially later.

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