Do Kyung-soo → Zico 'School trip without math' SBS new entertainment launch
Do Kyung-soo → Zico 'School trip without math' SBS new entertainment launch
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter MoMo ] SBS' new variety show 'School Trip Without Math' takes off the veil.



 The official logo of SBS' new variety 'School Trip Without Math' (hereinafter referred to as 'School Performance') has been released. In particular, this logo is more eye-catching as it is known to have been produced by Webtoon writer and trending streamer Calm Man.

'School Trip Without Math' is a new variety show produced by PD Choi Bo-pil, who successfully led 'Running Man'. Previously, Do Kyung-soo, Zico, Crush, Choi Jung-hoon, Lee Yong-jin, and Yang Se-chan announced the joining, and gathered hot topics. The stars loved by the MZ generation are amplifying their curiosity even before the broadcast about what kind of synergy they will create by meeting PD Choi Bo-pil.

The released logo contains faces with different expressions for each letter, and the B-class sensibility unique to the so-called 'King' calm man is well preserved. The lively expressions in the logo raise expectations for new and intense fun to be presented by 'Ascetic Practice', which is considered the most anticipated work of variety in 2023.

On the other hand, in the published photos, there is the first meeting of musicians and friends of the same age, Do Kyung-soo, Zico, Crush, Jannabi Choi Jung-hoon, Lee Yong-jin, and Yang Se-chan. is known to leave.

School trip without math’ is scheduled to premiere sometime in March.

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