Park Bo-gum signed a contract with The Black Label...
Park Bo-gum signed a contract with The Black Label...
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Park Bo-gum ] Actor Park Bo-gum joined hands with The Black Label, a management company founded by singer Teddy.

 On the 30th, The Black Label said, "We have signed a management contract with Park Bo-gum. We are very happy to be with Park Bo-gum, who is exerting global influence. We will provide full support so that he can cover the whole world."

After debuting in the movie 'Blind' in 2011, Park Bo-gum has appeared in the dramas 'Wonderful Mama', 'Very Good Times', 'Remember You', 'Boyfriend', 'Record of Youth', films 'Myeongryang', 'Chinatown', 'Seobok' and 'Wonderland'. ' etc. In particular, in the sensational popular drama 'Reply 1988', he delicately portrayed the genius Go player Choi Taek, forming the 'Eonam-taek sickness' syndrome. Afterwards, in the youth historical drama 'Moonlight Drawn by Clouds', he played the role of Crown Prince Lee Young, the main character, and gained explosive success and popularity.

Meanwhile, The Black Label, which signed a contract with Park Bo-gum, is a management company founded by general creative director TEDDY, and artists Taeyang, Jeon So-mi, Zion. Following the album, The Black Label is also planning to launch an actor management business in earnest.

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