8 Facts You Didn’t Know About IU’s ‘Eight’
8 Facts You Didn’t Know About IU’s ‘Eight’
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Joan Park] The collective effort of two world-famous 93 liners, ‘Eight’ by SUGA and IU is being loved all over the world. But did you know these? Here are eight interesting facts about ‘Eight’.

1. The total length of ‘Eight’ is 2:48, which came from math formula of 2 times 4 is 8.

2. IU decided to release the song on May 6, which again reflects math formula of 28 times 2 is 56. She revealed that two 28s symbolize that it’s a work of two 93 liners.

3. It was IU who proposed collab to SUGA first. SUGA sent beat to IU with which she composed the melody.

4. Melon, the most famous Korean online music site broke the record of the most number of users in an hour, recording over 190,000 users logging in to listen to ‘Eight’.

5. With ‘Eight’ IU topped iTunes Top Songs chart in more countries than she did ever before; in 59 countries.

6. IU’s hand in the music video is decorated with 27 pearls and a ring; another metaphor for her age.

7. ‘Eight’ marks her third song off ‘Age Series’, following ‘23’ and ‘Palette’.

8. GDW Studio that filmed the music video also filmed ‘Mic Drop’ by BTS, ‘Jopping’ by SuperM, ‘RBB’ by Red Velvet and GOT7’s ‘You Calling My Name’.

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