KARA Kang Ji-young X Heo Young-ji 'Cosmopolitan' pictorial release
KARA Kang Ji-young X Heo Young-ji 'Cosmopolitan' pictorial release
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter MoMo] Kang Ji-young and Heo Young-ji, members of the group Kara, showed off their same-age chemistry.

In the pictorial, Kang Ji-young and Heo Young-ji perfectly digested the mysterious yet captivating concept, boasting gorgeous visuals and extreme chemistry. It is said that they showed care for each other throughout the filming, and thanks to this, a warm atmosphere was present throughout the photo shoot.

After the photo shoot, an interview was held. Last year, Kara released the album 'MOVE AGAIN' to mark the 15th anniversary of her debut, and continues to be active with a full group comeback after about 7 years. Heo Young-ji expressed her affection for her members, saying, "This activity is meaningful in itself, but getting to know Ji-young and Nicole unnie is the greatest blessing." Kang Ji-young also expressed her feelings about her comeback activities, saying, "Personally, it was my first stage in 10 years. I was anxious about whether this would be possible, but it was possible because of the members."

Also, although it was the first time they met through this activity, they talked about each other who have now become more precious friends than anyone else. Heo Young-ji said, "I've been putting the things that were difficult to tell my older sisters into myself, but I asked Ji-young, a friend of the same age, and we had a lot in common. Thanks to that, we became a friend I depend on so much." They take pictures of what each other is doing and send them to each other, but Youngji sends them saying, 'I'm watching this on TV.' He showed off his extraordinary combination.

On the other hand, when asked about the fans waiting for 'Ji Young-ji''s unit, Kang Ji-young said, "It would be nice if Young-ji and Rang do cool things," raising her anticipation. Heo Young-ji said, "I've tried all my imaginations. All of our songs have already been released, and I pictured the moment we were active. 'What will Ji-young and I eat while promoting?' To the stage of doing it." She said with a laugh.

More pictorial photos and interviews of the two can be found in the February issue of Cosmopolitan and on its website.

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