Taeyang x BTS Jimin, 'VIBE' live clip released...
Taeyang x BTS Jimin, 'VIBE' live clip released...
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Jung] Singers Taeyang and Jimin stimulate the excitement of fans with their heightened sensibility.

On the 19th, a live clip video of the digital single "VIBE (Feat. Jimin of BTS)" was released on the official SNS channel of "The Black Label."

Starting with Taeyang's sweet tone in the released video, he arranged the band version of 'VIBE' and played the keyboard himself to open the stage with an immersive feeling.

In particular, the high-class voices of Taeyang and Jimin, which captivate the ears at once, harmonize in a fantastic harmony, stimulating emotions. Detailed facial expressions and gestures, as well as excellent control with delicacy and intensity that make the beat stand out, made even the viewers ride the rhythm.

This digital single ranked No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Trending Songs even before its release, recorded high ranks on the real-time charts of major music sites in Korea as soon as it was released, and topped the iTunes Top Songs chart in 60 regions.

The music video also quickly surpassed 50 million views, showing off 'Taeyang's global power'.

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