MONSTA X Jooheon, Akdong pictorial released
MONSTA X Jooheon, Akdong pictorial released
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Kim] On the 19th, fashion magazine Cosmopolitan released a pictorial and interview featuring Jooheon's wild charm.



On the 19th, the fashion magazine Cosmopolitan released a pictorial and interview featuring the wild charm of Jooheon of the group MONSTA X.

In the published pictorial, Jooheon showed off his 'pictorial artisan' aspect with intense styling that goes well with the background of colorful primary colors such as red, orange, and yellow, sensuous poses, and colorful facial expressions.

In particular, it is said that Jooheon exudes overwhelming charisma while staring at the screen with chic eyes, while exuding a reversal charm with rebellious yet cute styling such as stretched hair and a band on the bridge of the nose, as well as charming facial expressions, drawing the exclamation of the staff. .

In the post-shooting interview, the story of Monsta X's twelfth mini album 'REASON', which was released on the 9th, continued.
Jooheon, who participated in writing and composing as many as 5 of the 6 tracks in the 12th mini album 'Reason', introduced that 'Cresendo' is a song that is like a special move for my conversion. It is a song made by mixing instruments such as , Taepyeongso. It's what I felt while going on a world tour and meeting a lot of foreign fans, but rather than us respecting and copying foreign musicians, they like to show original things as Koreans. Being yourself is the coolest thing,” he expressed pride.

Jooheon revealed his life motto, "Express without hesitation, and if you don't know, just be wrong. Then learn again" and "To reach your dream, you have to keep bumping into it. I think straight, independent, passionate and pure people are cool." and expressed a clear set of values.

Meanwhile, MONSTA X, to which Jooheon belongs, is actively promoting the title song 'Beautiful Liar' of the twelfth mini-album 'Reason' released on the 9th.

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