Han Jeongwan ♥ Kang Jungyu, 'individual Circumstances' today's first episode
Han Jeongwan ♥ Kang Jungyu, 'individual Circumstances' today's first episode
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  • 승인 2023.01.19 16:01
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing ] This year's first BL drama ''individual Circumstances' will be released for the first time on January 19th.

''individual Circumstances' is a war-like reunion romance between film director Ha Yeon-woo, who debuted as a hit but fell into a slump, and Seong Woo-jae, a writer who made a fortune writing a web novel about the scars of first love, reuniting after years of hiatus.

Rookie Han Jeong-wan will play the role of film director Ha Yeon-woo, and Kang Jun-gyu, who has accumulated various acting experiences as a member of the boy group My Name, will play Seong Woo-jae, an aspiring writer.

On the poster released by the production team on the 4th, Han Jung-wan and Kang Jun-kyu are shown exchanging affectionate glances. The phrase ‘each person’s story running toward the end’ explains the direction of the work.
The production company Il Gong Il Ei Studio said, “'individual Circumstances‘’ is a work that will be released on the Heavenly platform, which has the most BL fans in 150 countries around the world. Both the visual beauty and the story will satisfy fans' expectations."

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