Ong Seongwu, comeback with a mature look
Ong Seongwu, comeback with a mature look
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter MoMo ] A pictorial featuring actor Ong Seong-wu's sexy and provocative charm has been released.



 On the 18th, the fashion magazine Elle Korea released a pictorial showing Ong Seong-wu's new charm.

Ong Seong-wu stood in front of the camera as the muse of Melin & Getz, an urban lifestyle brand in New York. Having painted his eyes with his own color in various works, he drew attention by creating his own atmosphere in this pictorial.

With the theme of 'Gentle Moments', this pictorial was with Melin and Getz, who naturally permeates his daily life from the moment he wakes up in the morning to the moment he goes to sleep.

Standing in front of the camera with a more mature look, Ong Seong-wu naturally posed in any space and showed a comfortable atmosphere. He also tried the product himself during the filming and said, “Meline & Getz will be an essential item for everyone living a busy life, regardless of gender or skin type.”

The attractive pictorial and video with actor Ong Seong-wu will be released on Elle SNS.

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