Jang Geun-suk X Heo Seong-tae’s ‘Bait’ poster released
Jang Geun-suk X Heo Seong-tae’s ‘Bait’ poster released
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Choi ] Posters and trailers filled with hidden details of 'Bait' stimulated viewers' expectations.

On the 17th, Coupang Play's original series 'Bait' (script Kim Jin-wook/director Kim Hong-seon) simultaneously released the second poster and trailer foreshadowing extreme suspense.

'Bait' is a crime thriller that traces the secrets surrounding the murder case eight years after the death of the culprit of the biggest fraud case in history, when he is identified as a murder case. A unique composition that goes back and forth between the mysterious murder case that takes place at the present time and the fraud case that shook Korea in the past, predicts a detailed and solid story that spans nearly 20 years.

The second poster of 'Bait' draws attention to the intense expression of Gu Do-han (Jang Keun-suk), a detective who is persistently digging into a murder case, and Cheon Na-yeon (Lee Elijah), a reporter who wants to uncover the truth of the case together. And around it, pictures of 'a bloody murder scene', 'a memo pad with the name of Noh Sang-cheon, who is known to have already died', 'people cheering at someone' and 'a person engulfed in flames' are arranged like puzzles.

These puzzles are gathered to complete the silhouette of one person, who is Noh Sang-cheon (played by Heo Seong-tae), the worst swindler in history. Noh Sang-cheon is drawing an intense confrontation with Gu Do-han face to face. In addition, the copy of 'Who is hiding the truth' maximizes curiosity in line with the content in the work that Noh Sang-cheon, who died 8 years ago, is on the lookout for a mysterious murder case.

The second trailer released along with the poster begins with a scene in which a mysterious assailant appears in a deep forest and kidnaps someone.

Then, the deceased Sang-cheon Noh is named as a suspect in a murder case after 8 years, and the detective Do-han Guo who investigates this case is drawn in an attractive way. Then, in the middle of the story, starting with the line "It may not be Noh Sang-cheon who is committing murder right now", the mood is reversed once again.

Lines such as “People who deserve to die,” “All die together,” and “I didn’t kill” suggest that more people besides Noh Sang-cheon are involved in the mysterious incident. The second trailer for 'Bait' presents extreme suspense with intense music, fast-paced cross-editing, and actors' passionate performances that catch the eye in an instant.

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