Ive Ahn Yu-jin, selected as an ambassador of FENDI
Ive Ahn Yu-jin, selected as an ambassador of FENDI
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  • 승인 2023.01.17 18:00
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[빵야뉴스| Khaing 기자 ] Ive Ahn Yujin took the first cover photo shoot as an ambassador for FENDI.



 Ahn Yu-jin, who took her first cover shoot as an ambassador for her brand ‘FENDI’, showed off her colorful charm with her strong presence on the cover of the pre-released February issue.

It is said that her unique mysterious eyes and expressions were impressive, from her fresh appearance to the bold and elegant attitude of a popular idol. It is rumored that An Yu-jin aroused the admiration of the field staff with her aura-filled atmosphere. In an interview before her shoot, she revealed that, as Ive's leader, "there is only one thing I want as an idol Yujin An, Ive's growth" as her goal for this year.

The pictorial and interview with An Yu-jin can be seen in the February issue of 'Harper's Bazaar', and various contents such as fashion films and YouTube will be released through 'Harper's Bazaar' and SNS.

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