Henry, comeback with 'Moonlight'...
Henry, comeback with 'Moonlight'...
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Choi ] Singer Henry has returned with his unique cheerful energy to music fans around the world.


 According to his agency Monster Entertainment on the 12th, Henry released a new single 'Moonlight' the day before.

'Moonlight' is a light indie pop with a fast tempo. It features an easy-to-follow melody and an addictive chorus. Henry participated in writing and composing the lyrics. It was co-produced by Tyler Spry and Simon Oscroft, multi-platinum composers known for their work with American rock band OneRepublic.

Henry said, "Everyone in the world has had a hard time over the past few years. There are still sparks left, but I hope this song will bring some comfort." I would be happy without it," he said.


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